Sunday, 14 April 2013

Welcome To SOAP2

Name: SOAP2 - 'Sex Offenders' Are People Too

Category: Organisations - Advocacy Organisations

A society, whether on-line or off, includes all its members. All members have equivalent legal, human and civil rights, to that membership, and to enjoy the right to a private life, free from severe offence, fear and harassment.

This means, free speech must be balanced against these rights. There are many people who believe their right to free speech is absolute; this is not correct. However, we do believe it should be enabled, as much as is reasonably possible.

The function of SOAP2, is to enable a legal, monitored, environment, for those interested in, or affected by, this aspect of our communities.

SOAP2 is also a portal for clarification, legal and research requests, so as to challenge the lies and misinformation, which are propagated and believed, by many.  Such fallacies lead to real damage, suffering and the death of many people.

SOAP2 is also the focal point, for lobbying, for our legal and civil rights, with the authorities.

It is not an organisation for the discussion of peripheral, if related, issues; such facilities exist, elsewhere; please email us, if you have any doubts about your input. All posts are moderated.

You may 'join' under a bonafide identity, as that shows integrity and honesty, but, we are sure you will appreciate the potential dangers, associated with doing so; this is your decision. You may, of course, contact us via our email.

Anything which contradicts the aims and objectives, stated above (count them as our ToS, open to change), or is against Blogger's or SOAP2's ToS, will not be tolerated.


Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield, Administrator, SOAP2

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