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The Daily Mail - Struggling To Begin To Understand The Concepts Of Risk, Law And Rights

PUBLISHED: 23:57, 6 May 2013 | UPDATED: 23:58, 6 May 2013

Child rapists taken of Sex Offenders' Register [sic] in secret [sic] ... and police say it's to protect their human rights

">Sex attackers can be removed from register [sic] if they 'no longer pose a threat'
>43 applications for removal from Sex Offenders' Register [sic] approved in a year
>Successful applicants include eight rapists and 27 child sex attackers

Off the hook: Since the law changed last year, 43 applications for removal from the Sex Offenders' Register [sic] have been approved

Police have secretly [sic] removed dozens of convicted sex offenders, including paedophiles [sic] and rapists, from the Sex Offenders’ Register [sic], the Mail can reveal.

Following a human rights ruling, the law was changed last year to allow sex attackers [sic] to claim they no longer posed a threat and apply to be taken off the register.

Since then, 43 applications have been approved behind closed doors, at the rate of one every five days.

About half of those who apply have been successful – including eight rapists and 27 child sex attackers.

Each case was signed off by a mid-ranking police officer following a paper review of the case. With the stroke of a pen, each convict [sic] was removed from the list, and is now free to walk the streets with no monitoring of any kind [sic].

Those who are taken off the register no longer have to tell the police where they are living, even if they move near a school, or move in with a family with young children.

Nor do they have to tell the police about any overseas travel.

Forces are refusing to name those taken off the register [sic], citing Article 8 of the Human Rights Act – the right to a private and family life – and data protection rules. And they say it would ‘compromise the health and safety of these individuals’ to name them.

Some are even refusing to give details of the offences committed [well, how odd !!!], and victims are not routinely notified if their attacker has been deemed no longer a threat [well, how odd !!!].

Child protection charities said the use of the law was setting back child protection, and questioned whether sex offenders could ever be reformed." [well, they would]


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07 May 2013

Concerns raised over removals from sex offenders register

"When the changes were accepted in 2011, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) issued a statement, saying: “Protecting the public from harm is a fundamental role for the police service but we recognise that this must be balanced with the rights of individuals, as highlighted by the Supreme Court judgement. We have worked closely with the Home Office and other key partners to develop a robust review process that ensures a full assessment of the risks posed before an offender is removed from the notification requirements.

"The reality is that the risks posed by some offenders can never be completely eliminated, but we will continue to do all in our power to keep them to a minimum and believe that the proposed review process strikes the right balance between individual rights and public safety."

However, Diana Johnson MP, Shadow Crime and Security Minister, said: “These revelations are highly worrying. When a judge has put someone on the sex offenders register it means that they are a convicted sex offender who poses a real threat to the public – not least to children. These people need to be kept on the sex offenders register, helping the police to protect the public.

“It may be politically convenient for Theresa May to blame this on the Human Rights Act, but the truth is that she brought these new rules in before looking at alternatives and made it too easy for someone to be taken off the register. More worrying still, this could be the tip of the iceberg. There are more than 28,000 people on the sex offenders register indefinitely - all of whom are dangerous offenders."

A Home Office spokesperson said: "Sex offenders who remain a risk to the public will stay on the register, for life if necessary.

"The law changed following a Supreme Court ruling. We argued strongly that sex offenders should stay on the register for life. But the Supreme Court decided they should be able to apply for a review of their case to determine whether or not their names could be removed."


Email sent to Ms Johnson - still no reply, on 11/5/13.


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